1.  General Consultation, Meetings and District Representation.​

As the District's Manager, consult with the District Board of Supervisors and its designated representative, and when necessary, participate in such meetings, discussions, project site visits, workshops and hearings as may pertain to the administration, accomplishment and fulfillment of the professional services set forth herein with regards to the projects and general interest of the District.

Consultation and representation work with pertinent public agencies and private individuals in connection with the interests of the District.

The service to be provided shall also include, but not be limited to planning, scheduling, production and quality control; coordination and administration of various professional service elements.

2.  Meetings of the Board of Supervisors.

The Manager shall attend regular and special meetings of the Board of Supervisors.

3.  To prepare and submit to the District's Board of Supervisors a proposed Annual Budget and to administer the Adopted Budget of the District.

4.  The Manager shall consult with and advise the District on matters related to the operation and maintenance of the District's work.

5.  The Manager shall coordinate the activities and advise any advisory boards of the District.

6.  The Manager shall be responsible for the appointment, supervision and removal of all District personnel.

7.  The Manager shall implement the policies established by the District, in connection with the operation of the District.

8.  The Manager shall provide all other services necessary to effectively mange the operation of the District. 

District Management