Field Management

  • On site as needed to insure all responsibilities are being addressed in a timely manner and reported monthly to the BOS.
  • Monthly inspections with results included in the monthly report submitted to the Board of Supervisors.
  • Monitoring for compliance of the water use permits, environmental permits and other similar permitting issues.
  • Contract administration.
  • Field Manager shall attend any meetings requested as needed.
  • Complaint response to concerns with the conditions of ponds and other common areas.
  • Check common areas for invasive plants.
  • Inspect ponds on a monthly basis and take dissolved oxygen (DO) readings for ponds twice a year.
  • Visual Inspection of the storm water drainage structures.
  • Performance contract management services for contractors conducting work in the District.
  • Assist in the preparation of bid packages for required work in the District, insure all proposals including a clearly defined scope or expectations for bidders.
  • Follow up on Board identified concerns such as wildlife issues and exotic plant intrusion.
  • Customer relations, responding to any community complaints or requests for service from residents and Supervisors.
  • On-site inspections and vendor meetings as needed.
  • Preconstruction meetings with contractors when required.

Premier District Management has assembled a team to perform ongoing small community maintenance tasks that are small enough to need need to be bid or to save money when the task is bid much higher than anticipated. Communities have found this to be a faster and more efficient method of  addressing community maintenance needs.

Services Include: 

  • Grass Cutting
  • Bush Hogging
  • Pressure Washing
  • Roadway Signage Replacement
  • Vegetation Maintenance
  • Storm Water Structure Vegetation Cutting 
  • Concrete Grinding
  • ​Home Watch

Field Maintenance



Field Management Services can be provided with a professional assigned with solid communication skills and job knowledge to manage and maintain all CDD owned facilities and grounds.